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Agents Love Covie Because...

No monthly fees. You only pay for what you use, less than a cup of coffee per policy retrieved.
We’re quick. You get all of the policy details you need to quote in under 1 minute.
Seamless Ezlynx Integration. Push your prospects data into your Ezlynx account with a single click.

Connect your EZLynx and Covie accounts

Step 1. Activate the Covie app in the EZLynx Connect Marketplace.
Step 2. Create your Covie account and customize your landing page (free).

Bonus: EZLynx users get a $20 credit when you add $20+ to your account.

Step 3. We will email you when EZLynx has completed the activation.
Step 4. You will see a “Send to EZLynx” button in Covie next to any linked policy.
Setup cost: $0
Ongoing cost: $2.50 per successful policy pull

How Covie Works

Share. Send your clients or prospects to your personalized Covie page or embed our app on your website.
Connect. Your client will select their carrier from a list, login to their account, and select which policies to share.
Integrate. If you activated our EZLynx integration you can push all of that information into your EZLynx account with one click.